What Lawn Care And Maintenance Services Does Your Yard Need?

Lawn Care And Maintenance Services Will Have Your Property Looking Its Best.

From vast commercial properties to the lawns of single-family houses, maintaining and caring for a yard can be a lot of work. Not everybody has the time for this work, not everybody enjoys doing it, and not everybody has the energy or ability to do it. That’s why The Gardener offers lawn care and maintenance services.


What do these services cover? A lot of what we do involves mowing lawns. It’s a weekly chore that’s the bane of many homeowners’ existence, and for managers of large commercial properties, lawn mowing can be a chore for which they simply don’t have time. But we’ll always make time to mow your lawn. And while we’re mowing your lawn, we can also edge your lawn and garden, trim any shrubs or bushes you have, and pickup any garbage, debris, or clippings.


The Gardener Also Offers High-Quality Fertilization For Your Lawn.

Fertilizing your lawn can get it looking healthy and full. But it’s not simply enough to throw any fertilizer on your lawn. A precise, even spread of fertilizer is what your lawn needs. The Garden can spread environmentally-friendly and organic lawn fertilizers to keep your lawn healthy for a long time.

Lawn Care And Maintenance Includes Landscape Enhancement And Clean Up Services.

Lawn care isn’t always necessarily the same as maintenance. Sometimes you don’t want to simply maintain your lawn, but rather rethink the way it works and looks. With our landscape enhancement services, we can rebuild your landscape, redesign your garden, install seasonal planters, install landscape lighting, and plant some trees.

Lawn care and maintenance also means simply cleaning things up every now and then. Spring yard clean-ups are often needed to remove any debris and garbage that have been hiding under the snow. Such a clean up will not only have your properly looking great, it also gives your lawn a good chance at heaving a luscious spring and summer. Fall yard clean-ups are also needed to rake up leaves and winterize gardens.

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