Can You Really Renovate Your Lawn? Should You?

We all know about home renovations. But your lawn? Can you really renovate a lawn? Should you? Here’s what you need to know about lawn renovation.

What Is Lawn Renovation?

The actual process of lawn renovation doesn’t share much in common with a home renovation. A lawn renovation is not going to involve breaking down any walls or installing new cabinetry and backsplashes. However, the reasons to renovate your lawn are quite similar to the reasons people renovate their homes. Are you a little bit disenchanted with the look of your lawn? Is it looking a bit haggard, thin, or dull? Lawns get like that over time. Or maybe you’ve moved into a new home or taken over a new commercial property and the lawn looks like it’s on its last legs. That’s when you could use a lawn renovation.

We think of a lawn as one thing: the lawn. But of course, lawns are made up of many individual blades of grass and sometimes other flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs. And when one of these organisms is experiencing a problem, the whole lawn can suffer. Individual grass blades will die off eventually, sometimes due to natural causes and sometimes the culprits are insects, disease or summer-time activity. If you don’t introduce any new plants, a lawn is bound to start thinning and, eventually, it’s going to look pretty sad. A complete lawn renovation can bring a sparse but otherwise healthy yard back to the height of its potential beauty.


Hire The Gardener Offers Complete Lawn Renovation Services.

At Hire the Gardener, we can perform any kind of maintenance or service to help lawns get back to their best. But we know that sometimes incremental changes just won’t achieve the desired goal. That’s why we offer lawn renovation services. We can renovate your lawn in a completely environmentally friendly and effective way to give your grass a boost.

Our lawn renovation services include:

  • Aeration
  • Application of an organic top-dressing material
  • Spreading of grass seed
  • Application of a starter fertilizer

It’s often necessary to include all these services in your lawn renovation. For example, by combining aeration with seeding and with the adding nutrients to the soil, we can kickstart a noticeable change to your lawn in a short amount of time. How short? Well, within as little as two to three weeks you will notice the condition of your lawn beginning to improve. Out clients often choose to combine lawn renovation with spring yard clean-ups or with landscape enhancement.

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