The Best Maple Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

Like much of Ontario, the subdivisions in and around Concord and Maple have relatively small yards. For those that enjoy spending a lot of time outside, it takes extra creativity to come up with effective ways to landscape the limited space. If you are not sure what to do with your backyard, here some ideas for making the most of a small area.

Keep it Simple

The best approach for a small yard is to keep it simple. The more features, plants and surfaces that you add, the more cluttered the space will feel. Let one area, either the lawn, a patio or deck be the dominant use of space where most activity happens. The other areas then become secondary, smaller spaces.

Provide the seating, tables and equipment you need, but leave some open areas, too. If there is not enough room to comfortably move around, the yard feels more constrained.


Skip the Shrubs

Some foundation plants may be appropriate in front of your house, but if space is limited, leave shrubs out of the backyard. Medium height shrubs just take up room at eye level; large shrubs are simply too big.

Instead, create layers at different heights. At ground level, use perennials and groundcovers that will stay less than two feet tall. Add a canopy level, which might be a single shade tree. As it grows, prune the lower limbs so that your views are under, not through, most of the tree.

If you need screening, containment or privacy, use a fence instead of shrubs. A fence will take up much less of the yard and can be as open or private as you like. A piece of outdoor art hanging on a simple fence makes it more interesting.


Borrow Some Scenery

Being able to see some of the neighborhood beyond your yard will make it feel larger. You have to balance this approach with privacy needs, but if it’s practical, keep a view into an open part of an adjacent yard or, if you are lucky, a nearby park.


Container Gardens

Planting in large pots and containers is a good way to use an edge of your patio or back steps. If you want them to be functional, plant herbs or vegetables in the containers. Moveable pots and furniture also make spaces more flexible. Scoot them around when you need to use the space for something else or for a change of scene.


Use All of the Yard

Make sure that all of your small back yard is serving some kind of purpose. If you don’t need a lawn, take it out and plant a garden or expand the size of your patio. An area can also be used for visual interest or sound. A small pond or water feature serves as the focal point of a small yard and helps to mask noise from adjacent yards.

For more ideas, your Maple landscaping experts have professional designers to help you figure the best way to use the space you have. They can also take care of your front yard lawn cutting, snow removal and any other maintenance needs.

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