The Benefits Of Pressure Washing

If you’re curious about professional pressure washing services, this article will explain the benefits that pressure washing could bring to your property.

A Good Pressure Washing Service Can Clean What No Other Service Can.

A pressure washing service, also known as power washing, uses a stream of highly pressurized fluid, most often water, to clean surfaces. It is a highly effective method and it’s also safe for a wide variety of surfaces, including sidewalks, pavement, wooden decks, and building exteriors. Pressure washing gets these surfaces looking clean, fresh, and often good as new. What’s more, power washing only takes a fraction of the time other cleaning methods can take. At Hire the Gardener, we utilize a state-of-the-art, mobile pressure washing service to make your property look beautiful and to maintain its value.


What Surfaces Can Be Pressure Washed?

Our mobile pressure washing service can be used on surfaces such as:

  • Aluminum and vinyl siding
  • Stone-clad buildings
  • Concrete, brick, and cinderblock walls
  • Sidewalks, patios, and pathways
  • And even outdoor furniture!

There are many reasons why any of these surfaces may need a good pressure wash. Any outdoor surface will collect dirt, dust, and grime, and these particles can accumulate surprisingly quickly, especially in urban areas and other places with elevated levels of air pollution. You might be surprised to see what your patio or deck actually looks like even after just one year of exposure to the elements. This is especially true of sidewalks, pathways, and driveways that have sat under a winter’s worth of snow, ice, and salt. And then there are acute reasons why something may need to be pressure washed, such as because of an oil spill or graffiti. Pressure washing also clears out leaves, dirt, and other debris.


Professional Pressure Washing Services Do More Than Make Surfaces Look Good.

Pressure washing can also make exteriors and surfaces last longer. Grime, salt residue, and other particulate matter that accumulates on external surfaces often contain chemicals that react with paint, stone, vinyl, aluminum, concrete, glass, and plastic. Over time, these chemicals can leave these surfaces pitted, stained, streaked, and ultimately weakened. The occasional pressure wash can mean a few extra years before you have to have your walkway repaved or your exterior siding replaced.

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