Scarborough Landscape Maintenance and Green Design Guide

In addition to an international, diverse population, the community of Scarborough has a wide range of natural systems, green spaces, parks and environmental resources that deserve protection. Your approach to home landscape maintenance can make a difference in the local ecology. Here are some ideas for greener, environmentally sustainable landscaping.

Buy Local Landscape Materials

Whenever possible, buy landscape materials that are locally produced or sourced. This cuts down on transportation costs and keeps money in the community. A good source of mulch is from tree trimming services. Scarborough landscape maintenance companies can often deliver shredded bark mulch in bulk for big projects. It’s a much more efficient use of resources than buying bagged mulch that was shipped across the country.


Maintenance Equipment and Methods

Lawn mowers and other small landscape maintenance equipment are a significant source of air pollution. Gasoline powered two-cycle engines are notoriously inefficient, emitting high levels of carbon monoxide and other volatile organic compounds.

While not perfect, electric lawn mowers and snow blowers are a better option. They still require power, but emissions from producing electricity are regulated and much lower. Hand powered tools are an even better option, but are not always a feasible choice.


Organic Fertilizers

Opt to use organic fertilizers and compost for lawn care and your landscape beds. The production and processing methods are better and there will be less runoff of excess nutrients. A big advantage to organics is they improve soil structure, resulting in healthier root growth. The nutrients are also released more slowly. This produces healthier plant growth and cuts down on maintenance time.


Eco-Friendly Snow Removal

In Scarborough, snow removal uses lots of transportation resources and produces harmful byproducts. Everyone is familiar with metal corrosion from rock salt used on roadways for ice and snow melting, but all of that salty runoff is bad for the environment, too. Most landscape plants are not salt tolerant; a lot of runoff enters aquatic systems and alters the natural water balance.

Try one of the newer deicers with calcium magnesium acetate or a similar ingredient that reduces the percentage of salt in the blend. Most of these products work better than plain rock salt. Use only the amount needed; it’s easy to get carried away and spread more deicer than necessary.

Most homeowners in the Toronto region are interested in being environmentally responsible, but are not always sure of the best products and methods to use around the home. Scarborough landscape maintenance services have begun to use eco-friendly methods in recent years. Ask your lawn cutting or snow removal company about the measures they take to protect our ecosystem.

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